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Nail Courses That Keep Learning FUN!

Intro Education

Classes from Intro to Instructor Levelz
All courses available Online or ONEonONE

80% Success Rate - compared to the 5% nail industry average.

Payment Plans available. Course contents, outline & time frame subject to change with payment plans.

Explore Intro Courses & Equipment

We recommend selecting 1 of our 4 optional Intro Courses that will best fit your desired level of success.

Should you decide to take your Intro Training elsewhere, & find yourself wanting to quit nailz within your first 2 years, please reach out to us before giving up! We'd love to explore your initial reasons for getting into nailz & explore options to work together to help you achieve the initial hopes & dreams you had for your nail career.

Continuing Pro Education

Career Training Opportunities

Nail Innovationz Instructorz are top industry techs themselves.  They have gained the real life experience needed to coach others to establish & operate their very own successful nail biznesses.  From introductory lessons to complete career training and continual learning courses, we have successfully trained & established nail techs across Canada.

Our goal is to contribute to the success of women in business around the world. If you have:

  • Grown a successful business as a nail tech, educator or distributor through a passion for what you do.
  • A desire to enhance and share in the success of others in the industry.
  • A desire to challenge yourself professionally at a new level.

We welcome you to consider an innovative career with those of us at Nail Innovationz!

Preliminary Skill Builder
Thinking about becoming a professional nail tech?  Not sure if it's for you or how much you should invest in doing nailz?  Before you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a nail course, this is your chance to "try before you buy".  We share with you how to master the basic skills needed to succeed as a nail tech.  If after practicing you realize this might not be your thing, or might not be the right time, then you can easily back out, no further commitments required.  Or if thru this experience you learn you are a born nailnerd, then you have a strong foundation to make a confident, educated decision about which path to take moving forward.

Choose an Instructor
Choose a top notch instructor from our list of professionals based on location or teaching style.

Our Refresher Classes
Are you already a certified nail technician? Are you looking to refresh your knowledge base or take your skills to the next level? Our refresher courses are designed just for you.