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Ni Obsessionz 8g

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Ni Obsessionz

Grow your glitter gel collection faster with Ni Obsessionz, an 8g version of the Ni Addictionz.

As nail technicians we at Nail Innovationz wanted to innovate a premixed glitter gel. A gel that would completely tranzform the lives of nail techs.

Unique Featurez of the Ni Obsessionz

Consistency in color and viscosity..

This ensures techs don't have to adjust to a different shade of color or runnier or stiffer product consistencies every time that they open a new jar.

Nail Biters: No Problem!

Ni Obsessionz are extremely durable, lasting 4+ weeks. Making them harder to chew through while maintaining flexibility.

Save time and Money: premixed gels eliminate mixing times - 10 minutes of custom color mixing per client can add up to 5 hours a week!

In 5 hours, how many more nail services could we be booking in and making extra money.

Packaging: No More guessing!

Ni Obsessionz are beautifully packaged to display your color selection to your clients capturing their hearts and making choosing their nail color enjoyable and easy.

Perfect Curing: Ni Obsessionz are precision mixed to allow for the maximum of glitter to be packed into them and still curve perfectly. Even the dark colorz!

Control: Be in control regardless of the design your creating pointed smiles, glitter fades, angles, full nailz, or simple smiles. - These gelz will not run or sag, destroying your design, or shape, or flooding the skin.

Clean: No more glitter bomb messes!

Our guyz are covered in glitter so you don't have to be!

Less is More: Ni Obsessionz are so densely packed with glitter that you use 1/3 to 1/2 as much.

A little goes a LONG way.

Ease of Application: Although they feel like room temperature syrup making them easy to sculpt with a light pressure they stay where you put them!

Versatile: They can be used on their own as sculpted tips or full nailz or over top of other Ni Obsessionz, Ni Addictionz or Ni Shiny Shadez.

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