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Read Experiencez From Other Clientz

I'm sure a lot of you had the same reaction as myself when you saw the price of the Ni customized desk and ventilation system. "Holy crapola! They must be joking - I can make a copy cat desk for cheaper!" Now, imagine a honking horn being blown directly in your face with a LOUD WRROONGG! Follow the horn! Stop your search NOW! I have done my research (and yours as well) after pricing out cabinets, piping, vents, arborite, etc. I came to the conclusion that I would be lucky to save $150 - by the time I have the arborite cut, drive to the city to buy cabinets, and other items needed for the ventilation. Plus let's get real, how much arguing will you and your spouse do while trying to assemble this thing?! After all this research I was ready to pull my hair out! (it's hard being thrifty) Do yourself a HUGE favor and just order the desk from Nail Innovationz!!!

- Nerdy Nail Gal

I trained with another product line and I struggled. I couldn't ever guarantee my work. The company I trained with wasn't there to help me. I was not happy. Then I met the Ni Ladies and they took me in! They trained me, guided me, and were always there to help if I needed them!!!!! I actually threw away over $2000 of my old gel because once I tried Ni I just couldn't go back to the old stuff!!!! My nails went from horrible, lifting and breaking to strong, long lasting, and beautiful!!!! I am now and forever will be a Nail Innovationz Nerd!!! I absolutely love the product and the Nail Nerd family!!! We are a team and that alone is an amazing thing to be a part of. I highly recommend giving Ni a try, once you do you will never look back!!!

- Robin Street, Got Nailed Esthetics

You do not know how awesome it is to not have my clients come in with lifting and breaks!!! I've been told for years it was me, my prep, my shape, my structure. No matter how hard I tried with my last products, I constantly had clients come back in with lifting and breaking! No more! I'm so in love with Ni! I'm blown away! I was at the end of my rope with nails, I seriously was starting to really doubt myself. Thank you for making such a great product!

- Talia Scherer, Sculpted Gel Nails by Talia

I chose Ni for the simple reason of what they stood for and their fantastic product. I liked their concept of building each other up in this demanding industry and knowing you have support and encouragement throughout the journey! The one on one training really appealed to me and the fact that eyes were on my work every step of the way to make sure I was doing my very best. Vicky Westlund was an AMAZING instructor throughout the 6 weeks of my training. She is still there for me on a daily basis...celebrating my accomplishments and helping me with my struggles. I would highly recommend the Nail Innovationz program to anybody looking at becoming a tech! This company has your best interests at heart through it all, and truly wants to see each and everyone of their nail babiez succeed!

- Tenille Barker, Country Nails

I was certified in August 2013 through a different company. Over the next year or so, I struggled with continual lifting and breaks on myself and my clients, as a nail tech, those are the most frustrating problems to deal with. I was recommended to Nail Innovationz. I tried their products, attended some continuing education classes and I love doing nails again! The support I have received amazes me, not just from the amazing, amazing ladies at NI headquarters but they even connected me with Karey Lemke, a super experienced, amazing nail tech in my own town who has mentored me. Overall, changing to NI has been the BEST decision of my nail career!

- Lindsay Hewer, Opal Nail Lounge

Hi, just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. I have a client with a disability and she loves having her nails done but she uses more as tools than she should. Your product is amazing! She doesn't break them easily like she used to!

- Katrina Blaylock, Tech