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Eat My Dust – Ni Ventilation

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Eat My Dust


Keep ur desk, clothez, & noze dust free with the

"Eat My Dust" Ventilation System (EMD) - Optimum Dust Removal for Healthier Lungz for You.

20-25 fillz payz for an EMD - Invest In Your Health & longevity in your nail career.

Quiet Operation - the sound of the Eat My Dust is comparable to a quiet bathroom fan.  Noise pollution from vacuums or noisy filtration systems increase anxiety & can cause permanent hearing loss.

Eliminates the need for secondary ventilation systems - vacuum systems that attach to the nail machine do not remove dust created through hand filing.  This means buying & maintaining 2 separate ventilation units.

Saves your nail machine - as the EMD does not connect to your nail machine, it is not sucking dust past your handpiece motor.

Saves desk & leg space - The desk mount installation leaves your desk space available for you & all your products & tools.  The 4 inch hosing that connects from the unit to the underside of the desk top means you nor your clients leg space is not compromised or cramped under your desk.

Ergonomic - Extra attachments and hoses add bulk to your nail machine.  Bulky apparatuses stress the carpel tunnel in the wrist and limit your range of movement when filing.

Requires less maintenance & cleaning that other desk vents on the market.   Depending on application thickness, the unit maintains ultimate suction for approximately 30-40 fillz, at which point we recommend vacuuming out your Eat My Dust.

Light weight, compact design - saves on shipping to get your unit to you.  Stores easily under your desk or in a desk cabinet/cupboard.  The EMD filter box is 12x14x18H

Low cost filter replacement - filters for other units can cost upwards of $100 to replace.  EMD filters are $21 (Price subject to change. Check the online store for current pricing.)

Out performs & outlasts other units on the market - the EMD is built to last through durable construction & design & a powerful motor which moves air at 243CFM.  See video below for live demo of full hard gel removal!

Draws vapors away from your breathing zone - many nail products evaporate and create vapors which over time can desensitize our olfactory system resulting in a reduction or loss of ability to smell. Leaving the EMD running during the application of vaporous products such as Cleanzers, bonders, or polish removers will draw these vapors away from your nose helping you save ur sniffer.  🙂

Here's a short video on how to clean your Eat My Dust.

The recommended alternative to tapping your filter on the floor, is to flip the vent lid over and tap the filter on the inside of the lid to protect any carpet, hardwood, ect. from dust particles.


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EMD - Ni Ventilation

EMD Vent – White desk CABINET/BASEZ – Arborite desk TOP, "Eat My Dust" Vent, "Eat My Dust" Kayline Install Kit, "Eat My Dust" Install Kit, "Eat My Dust" Remote Command Starter, "Eat My Dust" Replacement Filter

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