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Ni Shiny Shadez Sheer

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Ni Shiny Shadez

As nail art & nail designs have become the hottest trend, innovating superior performance Gel Paints became a top priority.  We polled the audience to learn what was important to nail techs in gel paints & then set to designing a product that would fit those needs.. In doing so we created a product that tranzformz the livez of both those who use them & those who wear them. 

Unique Featurez of Ni Shiny Shadez

Hyper Pigmented - Ni Shiny Shadez are hyper pigmented so you can achieve full coverage in a single coat instead of 2-3 see through coats.  Their hyper pigmentation helps you achieve an opaque finish faster.    

Silky/Non-runny Consistency & Viscosity - Our silky yet non runny formula makes Shiny Shadez the perfect consistency to glide on fast & stay put.  This consistency eliminates product running & flooding for perfect cuticle application that stays right where it’s been painted. 

Hand Painting Made Easy -  Shiny Shadez doesn't run or bleed so you can paint fine lines, perfectly blend ombre nails, paint scenery and even one stroke flowers & designs with ease.  Pointed smiles, fine lines, thick lines, angles, & curvy smiles all stay exactly where you paint them – even across all 5 nailz!  

Shiny Tack Free Finish – Ni Shiny Shadez cure to a tack free shine!  This means you can apply your color & go!  Or apply your color, cure & stamp right over top of it!  For the longest lasting, most brilliant shine on the market, we recommend applying Ni Sheer Brillianze over Shiny Shadez & stamps.   

Less Is More - Our hyper pigmented formulas mean that you use ½ as much product as other gel paints on the market gaining you twice as many applications.   

Packaging: No More guessing! – Every jar contains a hand painted swatch of the color under an acetone proof label so that you & your clients can see your tempting collection of colorz. 

Perfect Curing: Our special formula means that even though you can achieve opacity in one coat, you can still achieve a full cure!  Even with all the dark shadez!

Versatile: – Due to their hyper pigmentation, Shiny Shadez can be mixed with Ni Formazion to create solid sculpting gelz if you prefer to sculpt & detail a smile line over hand painting a smile line.  Mix 1 part Shiny Shadez to 8-10 parts Ni Sculpzure. 

Save time and Money:  Fewer coats mean getting the job done in half the time.  This not only cuts back on the amount of product you will use; it cuts back on the amount of time it can take to complete a nail service. 

Increase Your IncomeThe time & money you save through fewer coats of paint open the door of opportunity creating more space in your schedule for more clients.  And more clients mean more income opportunities! 

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